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Museums at Mont Saint Michel

The historical museum at Mont Saint Michel retraces 1000 years of history of the Mount and the builder monks through reconstructions of the prisons and dungeons and displays a collection of ancient objects (arms, paintings, sculptures, watches).


The maritime and ecology museum explains the phenomenen of the tides and the progress of the great project of Mont Saint Michel.

The historic house of knight Bertrand Du Guesclin, head of the King of France's army, boasts a beautiful bridal chamber, a chastity belt from the Middle Ages, knight Du Guesclin's armor and Tiphaine de Raguenel's astrology study.

The Archéoscope stages the different steps undertaken to create Mont Saint Michel abbey.  The history of the Mount, raised to the glory of God, is told in a spectacular way.  A colourful experience and plenty of special effects, a treat for all ages...